PERGANDE Laboratory Service

The services offered by our in-house laboratory encompass chemical, analytical and physical assays to characterize materials and processes for quality assurance.  Appropriate analytical methods can be developed and introduced at the customer's request.


Organic-instrumental analysis

Substance assays using high-performance liquid chromatography with diode array, variable wavelength and refractive index detection (HPLC system Agilent 1100 and Waters 2690)


Water assays

  • IR drier (HR 73;Messrs. Mettler-Toledo)
  • Karl-Fischer titration (KF-Titrino 701; Messrs. Metrohm)


Wet-chemical assays

  • pH-assays (DMP-Titrino 785; Messrs. Metrohm)
  • Potentiometric titration (DMP-Titrino 785; Messrs. Metrohm)
  • Colorimetric characterization of optically  clear transparent liquids (Liquid-Tester LTM 1; Messrs. Dr. Lange)


Physical analyses

  • Particle size distributions (Cilas Granulometer 920 L; Messrs. Quantachrome)
  • Screen analyses (KS-1000; AS 200-control?g?,  KMF 10 basic; Messrs. Retsch)
  • Measurement of the dust content
  • Measurement of the dispersability
  • Determination of bulk and rammed weights

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