PERGANDE- Contract Granulation


PERGANDE contract granulation

PERGANDE contract granulation supplies the following state-of-the-art granulation lines for a whole variety of products:

  • 5 fluidized-bed spray granulation lines for batch and continuous processes
  • 1 fluidized-bed spray granulation test line for test granulation using batch and continuous processes
  • 2 SC lines (plants for suspension-concentrate production)
  • 1 melt granulation line
  • 1 rotor granulation test line for batch and continuous processes
  • 2 rotor granulation lines for batch and continuous processes
  • 4 finishing and packing lines for different packagings



We can offer the following production capabilities with the plant listed above:

  • Test and pilot production
  • Production of annual tonnages
  • Training for plant personnel

Product quality is assured by our experienced plant personnel and a quality assurance system to DIN EN ISO 9000.

Our laboratory appointed to the highest technical standards is available for product analyses.

Production sequence

Schmelz- Lohngranulierung


The solution / suspension required for all processes can be delivered by tanker trucks and stored in appropriate tanks from which it is withdrawn for processing as required. 


Formulating/Producing of Suspensions

The suspension can also be produced to your specifications in our SC line and fed into the granulation process to start processing from there.




According to requirements we can granule the solvent/suspension in batch or continous mode. Our fluidized-bed granulation lines can be converted for batch or continuous operation as required.

The melt granulation line is normally operated in continuous mode.  Rotor granulation is operated exclusively in batch mode.


Packing Line

The finished granulate from the various processes can then be packed by corresponding big-bag weighing and filling stations or sack filling stations or filled into appropriate containers on our filling lines and then packed for shipment. Several packing lines are available.



We can take over the complete logistics, including calling for transport of the raw materials and packagings.  This helps to avoid interface problems with customers' orders for the required delivery and collection transports.


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