PERGANDE Rotor Granulation

The process:


The rotor granulator is characterized by a rotating base which causes such specific centrifugal and shear forces to act on the granulate nuclei as to produce spherical granules.  The granules grow like snowballs by accumulating successive layers of the continuously injected formulation powder with simultaneous spraying of the agglomeration liquid.  The sufficiently large pellets are continuously removed from the process in a downstream screening fraction.

Product properties:

  • Spherical agglomerates
  • Shell-like structure
  • Controlled release
  • Particle diameter:  ±0.1mm
  • Variable: small to large particle size distribution
  • High mechanical strength of the agglomerate
  • Not susceptible to abrasion
  • Suitable for closed-loop control and automation.

Process principle:


  • Powder Agglomeration liquid

  • Agglomeration of powder on granulates

  • Liquid bridges between powder particle and agglomerates.




Product sample construction of the granulator movement of the particle
of the particle
RTEmagicC_produkt.jpg.jpg (9726 Byte) RTEmagicC_gran.jpg.jpg (10641 Byte) RTEmagicC_rotor2.jpg.jpg (6877 Byte)

PERGANDE ? Rotor Granulation Process for Pigment-Granules-Manufacturing

The Process


The PERGRANDE rotor granulation for pigment manufacturing is the result of intensive research and development in cooporation with our cutomers.


For the first time, the process combines a continuous mixing process for powdered bulk goods.

The required agglomerate liquid will be dosaged continuously during the mixing process.

The rotor garnulator are charaterizid by a rotating bottom.

The selective centrifugal- and shearing stresses are affecting the granulegerms. The outcome of this is a spherical granule.


Through lowering of the rotor disk the (centrifugal stress) product will

be carried out.


The above mentioned process will be completed by an established PERGANDE

fluidized bed spray process and security sieving.

Product properties:

  • Higher bulk density/ smaller volume
  • Spherical agglomerate
  • Dust free granules
  • Particels diameter: 0,5 - 1 cm (according to your demand also bigger)
  • Good starage and shipment abilities
  • Good resistance of granules

Improved handlings qualities for end consumer



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