PERGANDE-Melt Granulation

Within only a very short space of time, PERGANDE has been able to develop a unique process for granulating melts in collaboration with BASFAG. This process now makes it possible to granulate solutions which could not be granulated with other processes.

The characteristic thing compare to a Pergande fluidised bed spray granulator is that the solution has been converted into melt and after that it will be granulated.


We are able to manufacture apparatus in all kind of material for instance stainless steel 1.4301, 14571, Titanium. Hastelloy and Alloy as well as in all sizes at our workshop.

The Process:

Melt granulation is used above all for solids with a high solvent bond and specified final concentration in the granulate.  When the solution has been converted into melt, the latter is bonded to a carrier substance.  It is transformed to the solid state by discharging the heat of solidification.

Total solidification of the granulate is achieved by specific comminution of the product.

The required particle size is obtained by subsequent grinding and screening.

High mechanical strength is a characteristic of this granulate, as a compact crystal lattice forms when the melt solidifies on the carrier substance.


Product Properties:

  • Dimensionally stable solid granulates
  • Suitable for storage and transport
  • Variable particle size distribution
  • Low-dust granulate
  • High solubility
  • Little segregation tendency
  • Very high resistance to abrasion

Process principle:

  • Conversion of melt from a solution.
  • Combining melt and supporting material, while simultaneously enveloping the supporting material.
  • Solidification of the combined melt and supporting material with simultaneous comminution and classification of the granulated melt.

Product Examples

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