PERGANDE-Fluidized-Bed Spray Granulation

The PERGRANDE spray granulation process is the result of years of research and development

The process is based on the successful combination of PERGANDE high-performance fine-dust filtration and PERGANDE fluidized-bed granulation.  Even the most difficult products can be granulated using this process. Comprehensive experience from our continuous operation (see contract granulation) has been incorporated into the development work.

The PERGANDE process guarantees top-quality granulate at the lowest possible operating costs.

PERGANDE spray granulation lines can be operated in either batch or continuous mode.  The changeover between the two modes is effected all-automatically.

The Pergande fluized spray granulation plants are accepted worldwide as the major

company in fluidised bed spray granulation technology.

We are able to manufacture apparatus in all kind of material for instance stainless steel 1.4301, 14571, Titanium. Hastelloy and Alloy as well as in all sizes at our workshop.

The Process:


Spray granulation is a combination of fluid-bed drying and spray drying.  The individual powder particles in the fine-grain seed material are combined into larger agglomerates.  Unlike the case with compactors, however, there are no external forces acting on the agglomerates.  This process is consequently also referred to as pelletizing.  Fluid-bed agglomerates have a porous structure and are easily dissolved or dispersed.


The receiving liquid (suspension or solution) is sprayed onto the fluidized seed material.  Some of the solvent is evaporated in the air stream and also in the fluid bed.  Due to the combination with PERGANDE high-performance fine-dust filter technology, seed material can be fed in permanently as a result of returning the filter cake to the fluid bed.

Product properties:

  • Spherical granulates
  • Shell-like structure
  • Suitable for storage and transport
  • Variable particle size distribution
  • Dust-free granulate
  • Higher bulk density / smaller volume
  • High solubility, also reactivity if required
  • Improved thermal conductivity
  • Little segregation tendency

Product Example:

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