Pergande HEPA filters are characterized by extremely high separation efficiency to EN 1822 Class H11 ? H13, such as 99.95%, referred to dust particle sizes of 0.3 ? 0.5 ┬Ám in Class H13.

The modular design of the filters allows them to be optimally adapted to both the applicable flow rate and the prevailing physical conditions.

All our plants are of two-stage design.

The first stage is designed as the "working stage".

This stage is cleaned with compressed air using a completely new cleaning system.


The second (safety) stage cannot be cleaned and ensures a guaranteed constant dust concen­tration of less than 99% in the clean gas after the second stage, even if the cassette life has been exceeded or the first stage is not operating correctly.


Differential pressure monitoring of the safety stage is a standard feature which automatically ensures correct functioning of the first stage and monitoring of the dust-free condition of the off-gas.


Any faults are indicated via a corresponding potential-free contact and the relevant filter cassette can then be replaced.


Filter cassettes can naturally be replaced without difficulty during operation (without contamination).


Pergande HEPA -  filters can additionally be used as downstream safety filters for Pergande high-performance fine-dust filters.


High dust loads in the untreated gas stream can be eliminated by cascading Pergande high-performance fine-dust filters and Pergande HEPA - filters, the high separation efficiency of the latter being guaranteed.

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