Pressure shock resistant and pressure rated filter plant

PERGANDE is one of the leading enterprises in Europe in the area of pressure shock resistant and pressure rated off-gas filtration equipment.

Pressure shock resistant as well as pressure rated equipment is engineered from PERGANDE.


-reduced explosion pressure

-max. reduced explosion pressure

- explosion suppression


The fabrication is also done in PERGANDE owned fabrication sites.

This approach warrants a high standard of quality in respect to process technology, design as well as fabrication technique, since everything is coordinated  from one place.

Our fabrication sites are all certified to fabricate pressure rated equipment according to European pressure equiqment directive 97/23/EC as well as AD2000 and EN 729

including the regular certification for processing the most common materials of construction as well as exotic materials. (such as: Carbon Steel St. 37-2,Stainless Steel 316L, Inconel 600, Alloy 59 Hastelloy C4, as well as Titanium), necessary for regular as well as corrosive applications of pressure vessels.

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