?Großer Preis des Mittelstandes? awarded to Pergande Group

Among a range of 3580 companies and institutions nominated for this prize the Pergande Group and two other winners from the Federal State of Saxony Anhalt in Germany were awarded the ?Großer Preis des Mittelstandes? by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation.


In his address, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Böhmer, Prime Minister of Saxony Anhalt underlined: ?I do not know any other project which honours the achievement of medium-sized companies as does the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes for which candidates from all over Germany apply.?


This prize is the most coveted honour in business and was awarded to our company during the award ceremony at the Maritim Hotel in Magdeburg by the Presidents of the Foundation ? Mrs. Petra Tröger and Dr. Helfried Schmidt.


Our excellent achievements in all of the relevant criteria ? overall development of the company, creation and maintenance of jobs and training opportunities, commitment to the local community and,  above all creation of networks and  innovation as well as service and customer orientation ? convinced the jury.


Wilfried Pergande, Managing Director of the Group, paid special tribute to the employees of his company and stressed that the company?s growth and innovative strength were due to their strong commitment, their team spirit and their loyalty. These are the factors which essentially contributed to the company?s success and also to the decision taken by the jury.






Production Building 17 , Phase of Construction 2

Expansion of production

Production and warehouse building 11 / 12


Expansion of production and warehouse building 11 and construction of new central warehouse building 12.


Capacity: 3800 BIG BAGS
Social space for an additional 80 employees.


Production Building 17


A further production facility with warehouse is to be erected at our Weissandt-Gölzau site by the beginning of October 2009.


This building will have the dimensions L 52m, W 23m,  H up to 40 m.












Topping-out and Kick-off on One Morning

Newspaper article from the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 22 Sept. 2009


At Pergande in Gölzau, a granulating system for producing crystalline products is taking shape and a growth core is inaugurated.



Topping-out and Kick-off on One Morning




WEISSANDT-GÖLZAU/MZ ? Fast builders celebrate their topping-out sooner: this probably will not become a saying in the building trades. But it is true in the current case of the companies Pergande and Vollack ? construction of the new facility was completed less than two months after it began on the premises of VTA Pergande in the industrial part in Weissandt-Gölzau. Yesterday, the topping-out was celebrated on the steel scaffolding and Ken-Oliver Zürner, project manager of main contractor Vollack from Radefeld near Leipzig, said his piece and broke a champagne glass against a steel beam.




MDZ 22-9-2009



Delivery of major order


Delivery of a large order of 29 filter systems for a major Japanese corporation.


Pergande GmbH lands further major order


An order for a further 29 dedusting systems, some in pharmaceutical-type and pressure-surge resistant construction made of material 1.4541 was received from a major Japanese corporation.


The large systems comprising the order each have a filter area of 610 m², a diameter of up to 6 m and a length of around 20 m.




2008At the shareholders meeting in the Jahrhunderthalle venue in Frankfurt, Pergande presents the new race car for the 2008 season that will defend the class title won in 2007.


The motto for the 2008 campaign remains


?Winning through performance?






Saxony-Anhalt?s Minister for Economic Affairs and Labor Visits Pergande VTA


Article from the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung by Wladimir Kleschtschow, 21 February 2008

During a company round tour: Wilfried Pergande (2nd from right) gives a overview about the product range to Reiner Haseloff ( 3rd. from left) with accompanying guests.

Pergande Growing Rapidly



Gölzau-based company investing substantially



Weissandt/Gölzau/MZ. Wilfried Pergande, managing director of VTA-Pergande in Weissand-Gölzau, enjoyed the impression that his brief description of the company made on his listeners. ?We are expanding strongly,? Pergande told Reiner Haseloff, Saxony-Anhalt?s Minister for Economic Affairs and Labor, at a panel discussion on Thursday. Haseloff (CDU) visited Weissandt-Gölzau to support his party colleague Wolfgang Wagner, who is currently running for mayor. According to Pergande, three major research projects are currently ongoing, and over ten million euros are being invested. Over the next three years, investments could possibly come to a further 20 to 30 million euros.



Pergande GmbH lands again major order


The gate structure of our fabrication hall had to be enlarged from 4.7 x 4.7 m to 5.51 x 6.6 m to accommodate a large order for ten filters and two cyclones.


These installations, to be made entirely of stainless steel, are intended for a large European/American corporation and will be delivered by May 2008.With this order, PERGANDE once more underscores its leadership position in the field of de-dusting technology for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.




Young scientists research to promote regional economy

The German Federal Ministry of Research has approved a seven-figure research grant for young scientists at the Otto von Guericke University. This research group at the Institute for Process Technology will receive around three million euros over the next five years to carry on their innovative research into fluidized-bed technology. The ten-member team headed by process technology expert Dr. Mirko Rhwlow was one of ten initiatives chosen by the Federal Ministry of Research from among 80 applicants.


The aim of the research initiative is to improve the industrial-scale production of products in fluidized beds. In the fluidized-bed process, liquid products are converted to granulates to make these materials easier to process industrially. Research into fluidized-bed technology has a long and internationally recognized tradition at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg 


The work of this research group will focus on making it possible to control the properties of granulate products, such as size, moisture and composition, automatically. Up until now, the quality of e.g. washing powders or medicines has had to be determined after production using elaborate laboratory procedures. ?For us, the approval of this project is a complete affirmation of our long-term, industrially oriented research. To my knowledge a research grant of this type for this area is unique in the world. In particular, we hope that our research will provide a sustained impetus for our regional economy. Among other things, we are cooperating closely with such companies as Pharma GmbH, VTA-Pergande GmbH and AVA GmbH", explained project head Dr. Mirko Peglow, who in 2006 won the Applied Research Prize of the State of Saxony-Anhalt.



The ten-member research team will commence work at the start of 2008. This project is funded primarily by the Federal Ministry of Research, with additional support from the State of Saxon-Anhalt.





Plant System for Manufacturing Cosmetic Products


The installation consists of a total of five production units, at the heart of which is a specially designed mobile feeding station that serves each unit individually according to a specific computer program.


In accordance with the purpose of the plant, the system is capable of producing several hundred cosmetic recipes using an SAP-compatible computer program.


As solvents are also used, the entire plant is constructed to be explosion-proof and is operated with a reduced-pressure exhaust gas system.


The batch-mode type production units can be completely flushed with a variety of cleaning fluids via the CIP cleaning system integrated in the overall plant, e.g. for product changes.


This system redefines the state of the art in the production of cosmetics and, thanks to its extremely high production reliability, meets even the most demanding audit requirements.





Major order for Pergande GmbH

PERGANDE was able to secure the largest order tendered in the chemical industry in 2005; this order had a volume of 24 indvidual filters


The equipment was supplied between January 16 and February 28,  2006.


Some of these filter had dimensions of up to 5,500 mm in diameter and 17,000 mm in length.

Presently, the largest low bed trucks in Germany are transporting these filters to the site of installation.


This equipment  was made of pressure and shock resistant material (alloy no. 1.4571) and ground and polished on the inside.


Based on high customer satisfaction we will be commissioned with the construction of other major installations.




Made by VTA Pergande

VTA Pergande has developed a totally new granulation process on the basis of a high-tech special-effect pigment. The development of an extremely gentle special mixer and a self-cleaning, two-stage rotary granulator (patent pending) as well as the use of high-performance ?System PERGANDE? fine dust filters enables us to produce a super-granulate with Ø 8 - 10 mm grains which meets the extremely demanding quality requirements for high-tech special-effect pigments.

Following successful testing in the laboratory and Technology Centre, the industrial production line was installed at the VTA PERGANDE facility in  Weißandt-Gölzau (Sachsen-Anhalt).

This production line was commissioned in early September 2005.

The Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG was presented in the new ?Atlantic Blue? paint based on Colorstream pigments at the ?European Coating Show?.

In future, owners of vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz AMG series will receive a personal certificate ? in the form of a vignette ? affirming that their vehicles are coated with this iridescent special-effect paint.




Construction of two new complete suspension-concentrate formulation and packaging plants for fungicides.


From 2001 to 2003 we invested 10 million EUR in the conversion of the existing granulation systems for herbicides.



2001 - 2003


From 2001 to 2003 we invested 10 million EUR in the conversion of the existing granulation systems for herbicides.

The systems consists of fully equipped:


 Suspension concentrate lines

 Granulation lines

 Formulation lines

 Packaging lines




1999 ? 2000

In 1999 and 2000 we invested 13.5 million DM in the development of our granulation technology (detergents ? additives).


With 24 single-filter units an 6,528 filter hoses, PERGANDE built the world?s largest SiO2 filter system.


  • All filter units are lined with a PTFE coating.
  • All units are heated and appropriately insulated.
  • 24 double-cone outlets function as discharge elements.


In the record time of 25 days, PERGANDE dismantled a complete large-scale dedusting facility comprising approx.  1000 m2 of filter surface, including steel framework, stairway and PLT. This system was replaced by a PERGANDE PHFE 1088 ? 2.5 TR high-performance fine dust filter facility including steel framework, stairway and PLT. The new facility was built in accordance with state-of-the-art PERGANDE standards. The measured clean-gas dust concentration has been reduced to 0.1 mg/Nm3 as compared to the concentration of 20 mg/Nm3 achieved by the old system. 

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